imak international

Company Profile

Imak International Pty Ltd(IMAK) was established as an International Meat Trading company in1984 by Mr Andrew Macpherson.

Andrew began working in the Meat Industry in 1977, he is the 3rd generation of a Meat industry family.

As the director, Andrew has seen IMAK grow from humble beginnings into one of Australia’s largest red meat exporters. Andrew and his team have a combined 60 years + experience and are universally respected within the meat industry and its service providers.

Long Term successful partnerships have been forged with Meat Producers, Shipping Lines and other related service providers to the industry, these partnerships are the cornerstones of our success and a major contributing factor to the high standing Imak International holds within in our industry.

Imak has a successful history of meat and commodity trading, throughout Europe, Asia, the America’s & the South Pacific Islands, with the main focus on Papua New Guinea. Imak International Pty Ltd offers direct export AUD CIF (Cost, Insurance & Freight) deals to any port in PNG..


HACCP Australia & ISO

We have two Quality Assurance registered officers on site as well as an Australian Government license to export meat. Annual audits are conducted by the regulating bodies to ensure strict guidelines and quality assurance programs are maintained. Our standards, ethics & proven methods are also part of what makes IMAK a quality partner in supply.

IMAK provide fresh and frozen goods, direct to most of the major Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Retailers, Supermarkets and Catering companies within PNG, and around the Pacific . Our meat is procured from Australian & New Zealand export establishments that operate from ISO9002/AS9002, HACCP & Aus - Meat or MAF accredited facilities.

Over the years IMAK recognised the need to offer an extended service for those customers that prefer to purchase in PNG currency thus Kwikmit PNG was established in August of 1999.